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So French so Good

A week of French culinary culture at

LAGAAT BAOCHEL during which new collections of the finest French cooking, cuisine and hospitality brands will be presented:



LAGAAT BAOCHEL is a chain of stores that leads the culinary culture in Israel.The chain includes five culinary concept branches in Rishon Letzion, the Grand Mall in Petah Tikva, the Grand Kenyon in Haifa, the Grand kenyon in Be'er Sheva and the Rehovot Mall, and it offers cooking and kitchen utensils, various kinds of raw materials and professional knowledge that together provide a unique and powerful purchasing experience.

The different stores are spread over huge areas ranging from 700-1000 square meters each.

Their space design is unique and appetizing, proposing a diverse mix of utensils, including cooking utensils, baking, gadgets and serving utensils, raw materials, gifts and more.

Each store presents the "market square" which offers the smells and flavors that rise from the spice plants, infusions, dried fruits and more.

a colorful celebration brings all the senses is suggested to the public through tastings and demonstrations in the coffee, meat, cheeses, baking and dishes departments.

In addition, the baking raw materials department offers the largest selection in the field of baking with a range of chocolates, powders, quality flavors, sugar dough and unique decorations for cakes, cookies and pastries.


TEFAL is the world's number 1 cookware brand, the leading and most innovative of cookware and kitchenware for more than 60 years. The French brand constantly strives to innovate and make cooking and baking fun and easy, so that every opportunity for eating and hosting becomes a complete celebration.

Thanks to innovative and exclusive technology, Tefal's various pots, pans and utensils are excellent both in durability testing and taste test.


Over the years, the brand has distinguished itself in three main points of reference


  • The Thermo-spot: the trademark of Tefal products, the red dot in the center of the pan changes color when the tool reaches the ideal cooking temperature (180 degrees).The color of the thermospot changes to a uniform red and indicates the ideal temperature for healthy cooking so that the maximum vitamins and nutritional values are kept in the cooking process. When the pan reaches the ideal temperature, you can lower the flame to half, and cook healthy and save cooking energy.

  • Non stick coating: the qualitative advantage and differentiation of Tefal products. A coating that allows healthy cooking without oil and maintaining the nutritional value of the food that prevents the food from sticking to the sides of the dish. The new cookware is equipped with Titanium Excellence, a new and revolutionary 5-layer non-stick coating that is resistant to scratches and wear over time. This innovative patent of a rigid mineral base combines the use of hard minerals that coat the entire cooking area of the vessel and act as a protective layer that prevents all cooking operations from damaging the base of the vessel.

  • Bottom of the tool - The third quality advantage of TEFAL products is at the base of the pot or pan. The vessel's bottom is reinforced with a 7mm stainless steel disc to prevent distortion or twisting due to temperature differences, and is based on a thick aluminum layer, optimizing the advantages of the material for rapid heat transfer and uniform heat distribution for uniform cooking.


For more than 100 years, Pyrex, the world's leading cooking brand and French cuisine, has won the hearts of millions of cookers around the world.

More than 100 years after its establishment, innovation continues to be the key word in the brand lexicon, along with its heritage products and strong icons, to ensure that the cooking moments at home remain large and enjoyable.


Already in its early years, the brand developed borosilicate glass products, high-quality glass, extreme heat resistance and thermal shocks, to provide a solution to the common needs of kitchens in many households.


Pyrex continues to expand its extensive collection of products to ensure that everyone from family kitchens to professional chefs can rely on Pyrex's high-quality products and achieve the best possible results in the kitchen.


From the classic collection of food products made from borosilicate glass through the ceramic products "from the oven to the table" to the metal tools and the measuring tools to improve the accuracy of the kitchen - each product is investigated and developed with careful consideration of the consumer's requirements.

Under the 'not only glass' strategy, the company continues to expand, and in this framework new series of cooking and baking utensils are added to the oven and over the stove, which present technological and design innovation and are made of new materials that expand the brand's activity and strengthen its hold on the cooking and baking market worldwide.


And what is happening in Israel? A small pin on the world map where more than 500,000 PYREX products are sold each year.


Luminarc is a French brand of contemporary serving dishes, happy, friendly to

all cultures and accessible to every home and every age. Family, mutual respect, shared sitting around a table, multiculturalism, simplicity, friendliness, festivity and accessibility are all his core values.


The design concept behind the various collections advocates life to the rhythm of happy events (traditional, family or social) in the spirit of the seasons.


Luminarc's house is a welcoming home, whose occupants constantly seek out innovations and designs inspired by different cultures around the world. Innovation is the central value of the activity of home designers. The guiding motto is "Everything is possible and permitted around the table."


A direct result of this creative perception is a very rich supply of collections that stand in their own right, yet which allow for bold mixing and match games between them. Among the products offered by the brand are drinking glasses in a variety of designs and for a variety of uses: from soft drinks, glass cups to hot beverages, glasses to alcoholic beverages, wineglasses and champagne through serving systems including plates, bowls, bowls in various designs and colors, Which in recent years have become a mandatory product in every kitchen.